Mayhem Explosion (mayhem613) wrote,
Mayhem Explosion

Hi y'all

tommorow I'm going to be seeing Tenacious D with snakechapaev, rick_spengler, and my long lost love Kyle. Do you have ANY idea how much it hurts to suddenly lose contact with someone you talk to every day?? I can't blame him though-he's with the love of his life, and he deserves every happiness that come to him.

Is it too much to hope I might ACTUALLY get to meet Jack Black? I should be happy I get to see him play . . .

My boyfriend is awesome. He's got mad skilz, even physically destrying all enemies in his path, including Drewsildur :P

soooooo, ummmmmm since I have more icons to deal with I'm kinda tired of what I have as my "physical representation". My wonderous Polack father (as much as I love him) erased my lateset version of Photoshop when he had our computor debugged or whatever (like I said, he's a Polack and I'm like 1/4 of one by default). Once upon a time people had all sorts of pics of me, and I know y'all are creative. Would anyone be willing to be make a neat icon of me, because I love input.

I feel like a greedy bastard. I'm terminally oblivious, and I think I inadvertantly let my big sis know that I want a digital camera-badly! 2 years ago, she and her huband got my dad an I-Pod Shuffle (even though "our current computer won't support Windows '98 or 2000 inder to support I-Tunes"). Am I just silly for feeling this way?
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