Mayhem Explosion (mayhem613) wrote,
Mayhem Explosion


so Chris Simon is suspended for 30 games (that's NHL for y'all that don't watch sports), which is the longest period of time that anyone has been suspended for. The second longest is . . . Chris Simon for 25 games >_<

Dude. The guy has a history of violence while on the ice. He's attempted suicide at least twice. He obviously has clinical problems, and whatever drugs he's doing aren't the ones he needs. He's a danger to himself and other people. I read about teammates saying what a good and calm guy he is, and that only makes me more worried. I couldn't stand him years ago when he was still playing for the Caps.

Gary, Colin: seriously, kick this guy out of the league and get him the help he needs

P.S. Since his F#@*ing teammates already hurt my boyfriend Derek Roy, I'm not sad he wasn't playing tonight
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