Mayhem Explosion (mayhem613) wrote,
Mayhem Explosion

cuz I'll always be grateful


I met you when I was nine years old on the school bus. I think you were still in first grade, but you had an enormous amount of spunk for someone so small. I was surprised you wanted to talk to me, considering I was given to being quiet and having my nose stuck in a book. I remember you cuddling next to me and being happy that I'd read my book to you. I remember you yelling at your brother one day when he punched me in the stomach and ordered me to stay away from you (don't worry, we had a long conversation about that years later). I'll never forget how you stuck up for me, reviving my sentiment for the good in humanity. I remember how you forgot your Gizmo costume for the Girl Scouts Halloween party, and because you were wearing all black we made you look like a cat.

I'll miss you in the meantime, and look forward to when I can see you again
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