Mayhem Explosion (mayhem613) wrote,
Mayhem Explosion

Wow. Some people are just really stupid

Ray Emery (goaltender for the Ottowa Senators if ya didn't know) was quoted saying: "I don't like Buffalo (the town). There's nothing to do on days off."

#1) Buffalo is a great town. We have one of the best parks systems, as well as one of the best library systems ever. Try reading a book (then again tell that to Takeo Spikes's kids, may they burn in hell). Better yet, go to Albright Knox, one of the premiere Art Galleries in the COUNTRY!

#2) You're facing the President's Trophy winner aka. the best team in the NHL-why on earth are you worrying about what you're going to do on YOUR DAYS OFF???

all my predictions have been dead on thus far:
series #1-Sabres in 5
series #2-Sabres in 6

my prediction here?-Sabres in 6

you try to hit my captain again, you'll have the wrath of a city on your head
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